Here we go!

boxesWe’re just about all packed up and ready to go! The last few days have been spent packing up our lives, wrapping boxes in that green plastic wrap, and carrying them one by one up to the storage shed. We had to decide what we wanted for the next year, and each pack it all into one checked bag and one carry on. Bags which we’ll be carting around London, we’ll see how that goes! I have a good feeling I’m going to have a melt down about 20 hours into traveling… All this to say, we’re just about ready to go!

We have three more full days in the US. We’re filling those days with a last Sunday at church, meals with some of our dearest friends and families, and enjoying the beautiful California weather. We’re soaking up all the warmth we can get! We cannot wait to get on that plane on Wednesday, and to see where this new road takes us!

There are a few things we would love prayer for:

  • Safe travels and that we are able to navigate the UK with ease (and for minimal meltdowns)
  • One of our biggest goals right now is to get jobs when we get there. I just applied for a job as a nursing assistant at the hospital in St. Andrews!
  • Clarity related to the process of orientation and beginning classes for Jared

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