Our time in London was like a dream! Both because it was amazing… and because we felt like we were asleep for half of it. Our plane flights were really nice, we got on in San Francisco at about 5:30 pm and fell right asleep for quite a while! By the time we landed in Copenhagen, we were pretty awake. We were so thankful that Jared was able to take Benadryl and fall right asleep, which was a huge blessing! He had a terrible case of poison oak, and usually can’t sleep on planes, so it was amazing that he was able to sleep through the flight. After a quick ride from Copenhagen to London, we began our long trek from the airport to our hotel. We each had a 50 pound bag that we had checked, and a carry on that we had stuffed full of everything else. We dragged these around the airport to the Underground, and boarded our first train of the week! Jared made the decision that once we got off the tube, we could just walk to our hotel. I had spent some time researching what bus we could take… but he thought it seemed silly to take a bus for just 2 stops. A mile and a half later carrying 75 pounds each, we both regretted that decision, but we made it!!

We spent some time that night out on the town, getting phones set up, and just exploring.

Friday we went to the British Museum, every history nerds dream. Some of Jared’s favorite things were seeing a Roman Mill Stone, exhibits about the Persian and Roman empires, and a special Coins from the Bible exhibit. We also went to Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The George Inn (a Pub where Dickens and Shakespeare frequented!), and so many more. One of our favorite parts of the day was going to the Evensong Service at Westminster Abbey. It is their nightly service which is free to attend, and we loved experiencing the Abbey itself and the beautiful service. We finished the night with dinner over looking the River Thames and exploring the Tate Modern Museum.


The British Museum

Buckingham Palace. We couldn't find the Royal Baby :(
Buckingham Palace. We couldn’t find the Royal Baby 😦

Jared at Westminster Abbey

Jared at Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Palace - The Parliament Building

The Westminster Palace – The Parliament Building

Finishing the night overlooking the Tower Bridge

Finishing the night overlooking the Tower Bridge

Our second day was just as crazy, after all, we had the rest of London to see! We began the day in Shoreditch, which is said to be where most the hipsters are in London. It was a much more down to earth area with a ton of amazing shops and restaurants. There must have been 10 different street markets the day we were there! After some time there, we went to Trafalgar Square and found some local bookstores (of course). We also went to the British Library, where they have collections of really old books and documents, another history nerds dream 🙂 We finished the night with some delicious dinner and packing up to move onto St Andrews!

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Sunday morning we rode the Tube (we took the Tube the whole way this time) to Kings Cross and took a train ride up to St Andrews! We were amazed at the train station, and even saw platform 9 3/4! The train through the English Countryside was beautiful, but we were really glad to finally arrive in our new home. We’ve had an interesting first few days, which I’ll blog about soon!


Kings Cross Station


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