Our New Home


Cathedral Tower

We made it to St Andrews!!! It has been quite an adventurous first few days, where most things that could go wrong, have gone wrong, of course. Yet, we’ve had fun just shaking our heads when something goes wrong, and rolling with the punches. We’re on our fifth day here now, and we’re finally starting to get things sorted out. If you’ve ever tried to set up utilities or WiFi or a bank account in the US and thought it was hard, try doing it in another country! Jared waited in line for two hours on Monday to set up a bank account! Then of course you need a UK debit card to set up phones, WiFi, or anything else you might want pretty quickly when you first move into a new place. But we think things are starting to come together! Its still going to be a few weeks before we have WiFi at home, so our web use is limited to the library. We’ve been spending a lot of time sitting in the library applying for jobs, setting things up, and trying to figure out where everything is! But with a little patience and prayer, we know it is all going to work out. Some of our favorite adventures have included showing up the first night, knowing we needed to buy sheets and towels. However, this is also the week of freshmen orientation, and they all got here before us. Remember when your parents took you to college the first week and bought you everything from sheets to hangers to those big plastic drawers from Bed, Bath, and Beyond? Well there isn’t a Bed Bath and Beyond here. Or a Target. There are a few little stores, and the freshmen had cleared them completely out. So our first night, we did without, luckily the apartment came with blankets and pillow cases, or we would have frozen. (Its the beginning of fall here, and I am already wearing most the layers I own most days, so there is a good chance I will freeze by the time winter comes around.) By the second day (while Jared waited in line at the bank) I found a store to buy some sheets and towels, and we’ve been able to order some other much needed stuff on Amazon Prime (Thanks Veritas!) Jared had his advising yesterday, and is starting to understand a little better what his classes will look like. I’ll have him write a blog explaining it all today or tomorrow.

The Cathedral and Cemetary

The Cathedral and Cemetary

One of his first classes is with NT Wright! Each evening we’ve been exploring the town a little bit. We’re amazed how much there is to see in our little town! There are ruins of a castle where the protestants took over to start the reformation in Scotland, ruins of a huge old Cathedral, and the base of the old stone St Mary’s Church. There is also an incredible old cemetery surrounding the Cathedral with some amazing stories on the graves. Everything here is so old! Jared pointed out that just about every building has a placard explaining its history, and most of them are from the 18th and 19th centuries!

The Castle!

The Castle!

1291261_593504676310_497527398_nLast night we explored the Old Course, which was the first golf course in the world. Any golfers out there wanna come visit? 🙂 And these are just the historical parts of town!


There are so many cool restaurants and pubs and cafes and shops, we just need to get some jobs so we have money to start exploring them! I feel as if there are so many stories of little things that I want to share, but I will save them for other blogs. Adjusting to life in a new country comes with many surprises and new things to learn! Our biggest goal right now is to both get jobs. I have applied at a number of nursing homes, and am still waiting to hear back from the hospital to see if I was shortlisted for an interview. They told me they should be calling for interviews at the this week. I’ve also applied for some home health positions, however I am concerned that they will want me to have a car. And then we’ve both been applying for every position open at the school, in the restaurants, in the shops, and the pubs. Its nice that this is such a tourist town, because there are a lot of opportunities to work in the town, we just have to find the ones that want to hire us! We would love prayers from everyone for us to find jobs soon! One last fun thing, we have some friends! 🙂 My friends Nicole and Danielle from Biola connected us with a couple who was also coming to St Andrews this fall. And they literally live next door to us! We open our door and we are looking at their door! They invited us over for dinner the first night we were here and we are so thankful to already have at least 2 friends! What an adventure God has brought us to!

There's surf!!!

There’s surf!!!


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  1. Becky, you have to get a job so you can buy some warm cloths before winter. I envy you having such a great opportunity. Am enjoying reading your blog. Grandma.


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