Settling in

We are starting to get all settled in here in our new home. We no longer have to look at the map to get most places, although some times that gets us in a bit of trouble, but not too much yet. I’m learning what sorts of things we need to buy very quickly to adjust to life here, and what can wait until we have jobs. Some such things are an umbrella, since you never know when it is going to rain; some good boots, since the rain has soaked through every pair of shoes I own, and apparently shoes take a good three days to dry out; and a hair dryer, since hair doesn’t dry well in the rain; dress pants since apparently mine disappeared somewhere between Biola and my parents house and the man cave and here… We still haven’t quite figured out how to work our heater, and our washing machine leaked all over the entire kitchen the first time we used it, so we’re making friends with the repairman! New adventures come with each new thing, especially where we didn’t expect them. Who knew doing laundry would be such an adventure? Or that you have to check the weather before you do laundry, because if its going to rain, your clothes don’t line dry very well. They just get washed again. Everything is new, but also just similar enough that it is still fun and doable.

We have continued to apply for every job in St Andrews, including walking around and handing out resumes to the shops in town. Yesterday, as Jared was busy working on his class work, and I was searching for more jobs to apply for, I really started to get discouraged. I was tired of applying for jobs, tired of not getting called for interviews, tired of walking into restaurants and some how trying to convince them that I have food service experience. I decided to do some other errands, and focus on something other than the job hunt. As I walked around town, I was praying that God would just give me a peace about all of this, and give me strength to keep going. When I got back on WiFi later, I had an email from one of the care homes in the area asking me to call them about an interview! I did and now have my first interview on Monday of next week! Then, I returned to a restaurant in town to follow up, and the manager was incredibly encouraging and told me he is calling me this weekend! Jared also applied there earlier in the week and he was very interested in Jared as well. Talk about an encouraging afternoon! While it could easily end up that neither of these will pan out, it was totally amazing to just calm down, trust it into God’s hands, and see a little blessing come from him!

Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been doing recently:

Before Jared started classes last week, we decided to take a little trip down the coast to some of the small villages. We took the bus down to Anstruther, where the Anstruther Fish Bar claims to have the best fish and chips in the UK. Some how even though I don’t like fish and chips, I somehow expected that I might like the best fish and chips in the UK. They weren’t terrible! I’m sure if you like fish and chips, they were really good J I liked the chips! Anstruther is an old fishing village, and there are still a good number of fishermen in the area. The Fish Bar uses local fish that was caught that morning for their fish, so that’s pretty cool. Its amazing how old these little towns are around here! We were planning on taking the bus from town to town, and then discovered the Fife Costal Path, and were able to walk along the coast on a little walking trail. It was a beautiful walk, which included walking across a golf course that is literally on the ocean. This has got to be the world’s best place for golfers!

A kind couple offered to take our picture looking out at Anstruther

A kind couple offered to take our picture looking out at Anstruther

The Anstruther Shoreline

The Anstruther Shoreline

The view from the Fish Bar

The view from the Fish Bar

The next town we walked to was Pittenweem. If that’s not the cutest name for a town, I don’t know what is. We had heard that there was amazing hot chocolate in Pittenweem, so of course I had to find it! It was probably the only thing I made sure we had to see on our trip J The town is sort of set into the cliffs, with little winding paths and streets going up from the coast. Since we walked in on the coastal path, we had to hike up into the town and search for The Cocoa Tree. It was worth it. I want to go back and buy some of their chocolates too! They also have a cave built into the side of the city where monks used to live! You had to pay £1 to get in, which was a little out of our budget. Haha

The Fife Costal Path. We tried to touch a sheep. It ran away.

The Fife Costal Path. We tried to touch a sheep. It ran away.

Finally we walked down the coast to St Monans, where there was another cool church and beautiful buildings all around. Each of the cities was so cute and had so much history throughout the towns. It was a fun day away from job applications!

Monday night before Jared started classes we also took a trip into Dundee, which is the closest real city. We explored a couple of (free!) museums and once again stood in awe of the beautiful historical buildings! We can’t get over it!


I don't even remember taking this picture...

I don’t even remember taking this picture…


The last couple weeks have been orientation time here at the University, so we have been to many BBQs, receptions, and services. We are starting to recognize some familiar faces in the Divinity Department, and are starting to make some connections. Friends?!?!? Overall, we are loving our lives here, and excited to see how this adventure continues!

The coolest fireworks show we've ever seen! Part of the 600th Anniversary celebrations

The coolest fireworks show we’ve ever seen! Part of the 600th Anniversary celebrations

The view from the St. Mary's Library, where Jared studies. Not a bad place to study...

The view from the St. Mary’s Library, where Jared studies. Not a bad place to study…



6 responses to “Settling in

  1. Hi Becky and Jared,
    It’s so fun to hear of your adventures…and God meeting you in the midst of it all! 🙂 I wondered if you’ve met Scott Hafemann? He and his wife Debara were at the same church in Massachusetts as us when we lived there. Both Don and I were on the missions committee with Debara. He is a New Testament scholar at St Andrews.
    God bless, Trish 🙂


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