Hiya from Scotland

First things first, we both have jobs!!!! I mentioned in one of my last posts that Jared and I had both talked to a guy who was really encouraging about working for him, and he ended up hiring me! I am working as a waitress at the Tailend Fish Bar and Restaurant. If you google it, you’ll end up on the website for a different Tailend, but it actually looks pretty much the same… I am really enjoying it so far. One of the things we have been pleasantly surprised about in St Andrews is how incredibly nice everyone is, and this job has been more of the same! Everyone is so friendly and helpful, that it seems really easy to pick up the work, even though I have never waitressed before. Some interesting things I have learned since I started (that I hope are right…):

  • It is standard to tip about 10% here, but no one really does that, they pretty much just leave whatever they feel like leaving. Which can range from nothing to like 30%. I have yet to figure out any pattern to this.
  • It is expected that you will ask for your check when you are ready for it, and that it won’t be brought before that.
  • Sprite is called lemonade. But we also sell lemonade. Wait what?
  • French fries are called chips. Chips are called crisps.
  • Mushy peas look like baby food.
  • “Cheers” is similar to thank you, good bye, or whatever you really want it to mean.
  • Hiya is the proper way to say hello.
  • I’m not very good at understanding Scottish accents.

This last one has probably been the craziest part of my new job. I love the people, both my coworkers and my customers. Yet I understand probably 1/4 of what is said in that place. I have learned to just embrace it and just tell people I have no idea what they said. I’ve found if I accept the responsibility and act like the stupid American, most people just find it funny and repeat things 4 times until I understand. Its been quite the learning curve, but fun none the less!

And Jared is working… in a pub!! Is anyone surprised? When he applied to this place, he literally said to me “this would be my top job, but there is no way I will get it.” And last week, he got called for an interview! The manager was really impressed by his relational abilities and his desire to truly connect with people and build community. It was interested to see that Jared and the pub manager had such similar goals! We’re excited about this opportunity because we really think it could be helpful whenever we begin the process of church planting. Bar tending would be a great job to be able to have while in the process of church planting, because it would allow Jared to meet a lot of people and try to build community in different places. We’re really excited! The pub is called The Central and is a Taylor Walker Pub. Taylor Walker is a chain of pubs in the UK and they are all really cool and unique and good. Its a really cool opportunity for Jared!

I’ve been going to a Women’s Bible Study with wives of graduate students. It has been a really cool way to connect with other women in the same place in life, and to be reminded of the beauty and life changing qualities of the Bible. It is kind of funny to come to Scotland and end up in a Bible Study with 90% American women, but I’m loving it 🙂

We finally got WiFi in our house!! Let Skype!!!

Jared is in the full swing of classes and seminars and papers and reading and researching and everything else that I only half understand. He is so busy studying these days, that I gave up on a guest blog, I’ll just share a little about what I understand of his classes 🙂 This semester he has two 6-week sessions. In this first session he is taking a class called Christology and a class called Origins of Christian Thought. Both have lecture and discussion formats. He is also participating in a weekly seminar on Karl Barth led by John Webster. I think he might have another class or something too. He is only in class about 6 hours a week. And then pretty much the rest of the time he is reading and reading and reading and writing. This past week he had to read something like 650 pages or some ridiculous number like that. I know he is getting into his reading when he is sitting at the desk in our living room reading Luther and laughing out loud. Nerd. Right now he rotates his time between the St Mary’s Library (The Divinity School), the St Andrews Library, and our living room. I have been quite impressed and intimidated by how hard he is working! In this six week session, he has two 2,500 word papers and a 5,000 word paper to write. Needless to say, he is reading or writing from about 9 am to 10 or 11 pm every day.

In light of that, we would love prayer for Jared’s continued endurance and for encouragement as he pushes on through the work. It isn’t easy, and for probably the first time in his life, he is surrounded by people who are all as smart and smarter than him. It is a great environment to learn all that he came here to learn, but it is a lot of really hard work!!

We’d also love prayer that we continue to work well at our jobs, and are able to make good connections with our coworkers, and share the Gospel through all we do!

Finally, we found a church we are going to go to, and we would love pray for direction of how best to connect there. It reminds us of Veritas and we are excited to get plugged in quickly!!

We miss everyone greatly and are excited to catch up now that we have WiFi!

The view on my morning runs. It almost convinces me to get out in the cold and run. Almost.

The view on my morning runs. It almost convinces me to get out in the cold and run. Almost.


10 responses to “Hiya from Scotland

  1. How exciting for both of you! Glad to hear it is going so well! I guess I’ve watched a lot of british tv…here are a few more:
    Trousers are pants in Britain. Pants are underwear.


  2. It posted before I was done…serviette is a napkin, and napkins are diapers. I figured that one especially would be helpful in a restaurant if you don’t already know it!


  3. Becky-I don’t know if this is still true, but we found that the students (mostly English and English tourists) always used “cheers” and the ‘townies’ (locals and Scots) all used “Ta.” Such a great experience and I’m seriously jealous!!!


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