Plotting our Winter Wanderings

We’ve spent this lovely Sunday morning (after our extra hour of sleep!), plotting where we want to travel during Jared’s winter break. We have some friends coming in late January and we’re planning on exploring the Highlands of Scotland with them, but we want to take advantage of this break to travel to other countries as well! Right now we’re thinking Italy or France…

Anyone have suggestions? Experiences with either? What do we have to see? Where do we have to go? We’re excited to share this next adventure with you all!


9 responses to “Plotting our Winter Wanderings

  1. Yes, have been to both and would go back to both. You will be happy seeing either. The important thing is to go see everything you can and as much as you can. I enjoy reading your blog


  2. Interlaken in Switzerland was Lizzie and I’s favorite place, it is absolutely gorgeous and probably even more so with snow. However, if you are thinking France there really is no city like Paris, but the D day beaches and Normandy coast, the town Honfleur, etc. is a GREAT destination with the city/town feel and coastal beauty. My momma has great info from when we went if you are interested. AH random thoughts and suggestions, LOVE YOU BOTH


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