Where did the sun go?

When we first arrived here in St Andrews, I was Skyping with my sister Cari at about 8:45 PM and she remarked how light it was outside. Oh how quickly things have changed. We had the Daylight Saving Time switch a couple of weeks ago, and the days just keep getting shorter and shorter. Its 3:30 here now, and the sun is starting to set. By the time I walk to work at 5, I’ll be walking in the dark. Its been interesting adjusting to the dark and cold weather. We keep being told this isn’t anywhere near as cold as it will get, and I’m sleeping under three blankets at night. We’re trying to keep our use of the heater to a minimum, as gas and electricity prices here are through the roof, and we’re pinching pennies, or I guess you could say we’re pinching pence. (Although for those of you who know Jared’s hatred of pennies, that hasn’t changed with the conversion to pence; he still throws the 1 pence coins out, so I guess we aren’t really at the point of pinching pence yet.) My dad keeps telling us to layer with things other than cotton—i.e. wool—and I keep telling him we don’t own enough clothes to layer with, let alone ones that are not made of cotton. So we drink a lot of tea. We huddle together to stay warm. We ration our heater use. I exercise to warm up (that only happened once). We eat warm meals, and huddle by the oven when its done cooking, to enjoy the heat it puts off. We wear layer whatever clothes we have. We enjoy the sun when it shows its face. I sleep under all the blankets we own. Everyday I wear the wool socks my parents sent us (they sent 6 pairs). We wear slippers on top of our wool socks. I wear leggings under my jeans. I wear gloves to read at night. I sit as close as I can to the heater when we turn it on. And we just say to each other all the time,

how can we be so cold already?

Becky sitting by the heater, with slippers on and a cup of tea. This was during my week long knitting phase. Then I got a job and haven't knitted since.

Becky sitting by the heater, with slippers on and a cup of tea. This was during my week long knitting phase. Then I got a job and haven’t knitted since.

Our California bodies are having a hard time adjusting to the cold weather, but our hearts are warmed by the community we’ve been welcomed into. We share warm meals with friends. We worship with our brothers and sisters at church. We gather in [warm] homes for small groups. We meet friends to talk in [warm] coffee shops and pubs. We talk to each other about how much God has blessed us, that even in leaving so many loved ones so far away, he has brought us to the other side of the world, only to be welcomed by new friends, a new church, a new community.


One response to “Where did the sun go?

  1. Hello Becky and Jared,
    I have enjoyed reading all about your wonderful journey and adjustments there in Scotland, thank you! It brings back many memories for me. My husband and I traveled to the Southern part of England (Ferndown, near Bournemouth) to live for a year, with our 1 year old daughter(over 30 yrs ago)! But the memories of our time there are like yesterday. The sun did not come up until 9am and went down at 3pm, and you are further north, so it might even be 10am and 2pm! Mighty short days! And, yes! it will get colder! We froze most of the time…down wasn’t as good as it is now. One down vest/jacket is better than scratchy, heavy wool. But you will survive, and you both are so blessed to be there amongst wonderful believers and meeting many new friends. I will be praying for you! Blessings!


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