A Scottish Birthday

946979_600262548480_1705826317_nBirthdays are a big deal in the Gudnason Family, and this was my first year where celebrating with my family wasn’t an option. My sister publicly threatened Jared that he had better make it a good birthday–which may have been a little bit much, Cari–but he most certainly made it amazing.

My birthday was last Tuesday, but we decided to celebrate with a day in Stirling on Saturday. Jared smartly knew that this did not mean that we didn’t actually celebrate Tuesday, it just meant we got to celebrate on two days!

Tuesday morning Jared got up early, and made us pancakes, bacon (we hadn’t had bacon since we moved here!), eggs, and mimosas! Well, he bought supplies for mimosas. I was very excited to show him how I learned to open a bottle of champagne at work, and in the process spilled 3/4 of the champagne all over the kitchen (which Jared had cleaned spotlessly on Monday). Jared just laughed at me and we each had a small mimosa. For my present, Jared got me Historic Scotland memberships, which gets us into all of the things here that we usually are too cheap to pay for! With our new memberships in hand, we set off to explore the St Andrews Castle, which we had yet to go in, due to our tendency to be cheap. We were surprised how much of the Castle remains, including a mine (tunnel) where infiltrators tried to sneak into the Castle. I don’t know how sneaky you can be in building a mine… it was huge! It must have taken months… Doesn’t seem like the quickest way to me, but my knowledge of sixteenth century siege tactics may be a bit limited.

St Andrews Castle

St Andrews Castle

Perfect size for me!

Perfect size for me!


After a morning spent exploring the ruins, I headed off to work, and Jared to study. While waitressing is not my career of choice, I am loving where I work and the people I work with. They made my day extra special by buying me a little cake and some candles, and singing happy birthday to me! It was so nice to have people I’ve known for just a couple of months care about me enough to do this! Then they made me make them coffee drinks to have with their cake, since they like the way I make coffee the best (I’m only slightly proud of this).

Tuesday night we went to dinner at the pub Jared works at and I finished the night at my weekly women’s Bible Study. It was a wonderful 24th birthday! And that wasn’t even the celebration day! 😉 More to come about that soon!!


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