Dr Jared + Nurse Becky

Mr Serious

After years of watching Grey’s Anatomy and secretly dreaming of being the nurse married to the doctor… I’m very excited to say that Jared has been accepted into the PhD program at the University of St Andrews to study under John Webster (a big name in the nerdy theology world; also a really nice man). I thought these silly childhood dreams were over when I married a pastor…but who knew it would end up like this?? 🙂

Nurse Becky

These past few months our life update has consisted of “we’re waiting to hear if Jared is accepted into the PhD program, and waiting to see if Becky can get a health care job, and then we’ll decide if we are going to stay here for the next year.” A week before Jared got his acceptance letter, I was offered a position as a Senior Care Assistant at a care home here in St Andrews. This was a position I didn’t even know I was qualified for, as it consists of more nursing skills and requires a certain certification here, however the care home manager saw my resume and asked if she could interview me for this position! It involves care planning (it never ends!), passing medications, assessment, and some management work. It seems to be the closest thing I can do to nursing without actually being qualified as a nurse. God never ceases to amaze us. Of course, in typical UK fashion, it took 3 weeks for a background check, so I’ll be starting training for the job on Monday. As long as I don’t hate the job, we’re leaning towards staying here in St Andrews for a few more years.

Over the past few months we’ve become more involved at our church, even starting up a little youth group! Currently we’ve had one meeting and we had 1 boy (the pastor’s son) and 1 girl. We think we might double our numbers this week! We’ve really been enjoying our home group, and getting to know some people from our church while studying the Bible together. It has taken a while, but we feel like God is helping us fit into our place here. There’s still a lot of unknown about the coming months, a lot we would love your prayers for! At some point we have to make a decision for sure whether we are staying or not. Right now we are pretty heavily leaning towards staying, but we’ve learned that sometimes we make a decision, and end up doing the opposite. If we stay, we have to find housing for next year, and make sure we can afford that housing. As I start this new job, we are praying that God will use me in this home to love and care for the residents, and give me a place to use the gifts he has given me. We’re praying God will continue to show us how we can serve in our church, and give us wisdom in leading the youth.

In our home group last night we discussed Luke 12:22-34, where Jesus talks about worry and trust in God. As we look forward to this time of uncertainty with hesitation and excitement, we are trusting that God is good and he is our ultimate treasure, no matter where these next few years take us. Thanks for taking this journey with us 🙂



5 responses to “Dr Jared + Nurse Becky

  1. Becky!! I love reading your blog. You always make me laugh! (“We may double our numbers this week!”) 🙂

    I’m so lad you are qualified for being a senior care assistant! I hope you love your new job. Can’t wait to read about your experiences. I’ll be praying for you and Jared….crazy how God takes us places we never thought we would go. 🙂 love you!


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