“Friendship is like whisky, the older, the better.” -Anonymous [1/2]

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the Carmichaels coming to visit us, and we loved every minute of our time together. In the weeks leading up to their arrival, I worked 9 nights at the care home, and Jared wrote 10,000 words worth of papers, and worked over 20 hours a week. We basically didn’t see each other. Needless to say, we were ready for a break, and there is no one we would have rather taken our break with!

We started our time with a few days in Scotland, introducing Adam and Christa to some of our favorite things. We met them in Edinburgh on Tuesday, where we dared to rent a car again. The car rental company gleefully told us we had a brand new car. Unfortunately this terrified us. It literally had 8 miles on it and was in perfect condition. But Jared did a wonderful job driving, and we returned it looking like new! whew. We explored Edinburgh a bit, before heading home so Adam and Christa could crash for the night…they slept for like 15 hours, and during this time, Jared and I tried to blow up our air mattress with a hair dryer, and melted a hole in it. Opps.

One of Adam's pictures of the Edinburgh Castle

One of Adam’s pictures of the Edinburgh Castle

Wednesday we wandered around St Andrews in the morning, introducing our friends to the Castle, Cathedral, St Mary’s Quad, the Scores, the golf course, and all our favorite spots. To get into the tower at the Cathedral ruins, there is a little turnstile gated thing that allows one person per token. Tokens cost like £5, but Jared and I have free passes that we gave to Adam and Christa to use. Somehow Jared and Adam decided that they could probably fit through that turnstile together, and proceeded to loudly shove themselves through it together, laughing hysterically, drawing the attention of everyone around them. Christa and I declined to do this, so I waited at the bottom. Silly boys. A little later in the day, Jared and Adam went SURFING! One of Jared’s friends from St Mary’s was kind enough to take them to Kingsbarns and show them the ropes of Scottish surfing. Austin (Jared’s brother) got him a brand new wetsuit for his birthday, and when coming home, Jared’s comment was “Babe, I LOVE surfing!” While the boys surfed, Christa and I took a walk to the Balgove Larder for scones and hot drinks. And then we had the boys come pick us up in the car…

St Andrews at sunset

St Andrews at sunset

Adam and Christa at the top of St Rule's Tower in St Andrews

Adam and Christa at the top of St Rule’s Tower in St Andrews

Thursday we took a whirlwind tour of Speyside and the East Coast of Scotland. Our stops included a distillery tour at Glenfiddich, guided by a German guide. It was a slightly confusing experience. In Speyside we also visited the Balvenie Castle, and stopped numerous times for picture breaks. On our way home, we stopped at the Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven, and loved it just as much as our previous time there! We even paid to go inside this time 😉 Adam just got a new camera, so he was the designated photographer of the trip. Some of the pictures I’ll share are from him!

Friday we decided to take it easy in St Andrews, in preparation for our time in London and Paris! We played the Himalayas Putting Course at the Old Course, so basically we played the Old Course. We played couple vs couple, which Jared won for our team. I believe there was a bet that involved ice cream, and I just realised I’m not sure I got that ice cream… (although I did have crepes and gelato and more croissants than I care to admit…)

We explored St Andrews in the best ways possible, walking around the beaches, walking the Lade Braes, eating fish and chips, and enjoying catching up with our friends! More to come on London and Paris soon!!


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