“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love,” -Hemingway [2/2]

Its hard to even know where to begin describing our time in London and Paris. I could recount for you our daily itineraries, but I think I’ll let our pictures show most of what we did. Our London trip was pretty similar to our first time in London, we saw the big sites, and shared our awe with Adam and Christa. We were once again wowed by the size and scope of The British Museum. We walked the streets and mastered the Tube. We experienced Harrod’s for the first time, a giant, beautiful department store with everything you could ever need to wear, carry, or eat. Their displays of chocolates, candies, teas, coffees, pastries, and everything were simply beautiful. We stayed in the worst hotel room ever. It advertised that it had an “in suite” bathroom, which consisted of a shower in the corner of the room and a sink, and the toilet was shared. It was perfect for us to crash at night, and go all day. We love London.

More than anything, I wish I could describe the feel of Paris. Wandering the streets, stopping in cafes to escape the rain, stumbling upon massive, beautiful churches, buying fruit from a street stand, eating crepes as we walked along the Seine, buying baguettes for €1 or less, picking out delicious cheese from a cheese shop, drinking amazing wine… it was perfect. We loved seeing all the sights, the Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and so much more. There is no way to describe the city with words, so I recommend you all visit.

Traveling with Adam and Christa made everything more fun. In Paris we rented a studio apartment using Airbnb.com, which was so nice. We had our own space right along the Canal Saint Martin, which was beautiful. Jared and I of course found some amazing coffee, and we all enjoyed our share of French pastries. I think Adam ate 4 croissants in one day. Our time together was relaxing, so much fun, and beautiful. We are so thankful for friends who come visit us in our temporary home.

Relaxing in Luxembourg Gardens

Relaxing in Luxembourg Gardens

Paris at sunset is beautiful

Paris at sunset is beautiful

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Also, I highly recommend checking out Adam and Christa‘s pictures from the trip by clicking on the links!!



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