One Year.


This past weekend we celebrated one year of marriage with a weekend away in Edinburgh. We have come to love Edinburgh; it truly is one of the most beautiful cities we have ever seen, and we ate our way through the best the city has to offer. I don’t know if just we do this, but we often plan our days out around where we can eat, what coffee we want to drink, and then where we can eat again. We had this weekend planned for weeks in advance, and after working opposite shifts for a few weeks, it was nice two spend a few days just the two of us, relaxing in one of our favorite places. As we reflected on the past year, I think Jared summed it up perfectly in saying: “In one way it feels like it hasn’t been a year, but it also feels like we’ve been married forever.” And it really does. Life together is just better. It sounds so cheesy to say, but it just makes every day more fun, and the hard times less hard when we do them together. It feels like our wedding day just happened, but that I have loved my husband forever. Its only been one year, I’m looking forward to seeing how God grows and changes us over the years to come.
As I said, we planned our days around food and drink. After getting up at 7:30 to catch the train, our first stop in the city was coffee. We decided to try somewhere new called Peter’s Yard, and the coffee and pastries did not disappoint. I’m not sure pastries could ever disappoint me, but that’s a different story. Peter’s Yard is in an area of Edinburgh called Stockbridge, and it was a bit of a walk to get there. We loved walking the streets of the New Town area, and even stumbled into some “private gardens”. We didn’t realize they were private until we got locked in and someone had to let us back out… I don’t think they were very impressed with us.


The Private Gardens

After leaving Stockbridge, we made our way towards the Royal Mile area. We hadn’t been to Edinburgh in the hight of summer, and we were unpleasantly surprised by the touristy-ness of the street. There were vendors selling cheaply made jewelry, cartoonists selling those silly portraits, and magicians blocking the entire street… Obviously we were being a bit snobby, but it made us appreciate the dreary day in the middle of winter… We spent the morning exploring the Titian exhibition at the National Gallery Scotland. It was amazing!

For lunch we headed to Wildest Drams. One of Jared’s previous managers from his work is now a chef there, and we’ve been meaning to check it out for a while. They specialize in wild game, which makes for a really unique meal. We tried potted rabbit for a starter, and a buffalo steak sandwich for the main. Wow. Both were so flavorful and so good. We plan on going back very soon!
We filled our afternoon with coffee from Filament Coffee, live folk music at the famous Sandy Bells pub, and new books from Golden Hare Books. Gosh I could have bought every book in that place. In the evening we relaxed at Whighman’s Wine Cellar where we had the most delicious tapas, and finished off the evening reading in the old Oxford Bar, a little hole in the wall perfectly Scottish pub. As we walked back to our hotel, Jared was directing us, and we suddenly ended up in front of a gellato shop. This man knows the way to my heart. We were in bed watching tv by 10 pm, which was a treat in itself, considering how infrequently we get to watch TV!

Sunday we slept in, and traveled from coffee shop to coffee shop. Our first stop was Wellington Coffee, an old favorite, and then we moved on to Leo’s Beanery, the very first place we visited in Edinburgh. We had a lunch of starters at another one of our new favorite places, The Devil’s Advocate. The decor was amazing, and the food was even better. We split a sweet potato and butternut squash soup and a ham and cheese platter, a perfect light lunch! We will definitely be back! We finished off our day with more coffee from Kilimanjaro coffee, and caught an early afternoon bus back to St Andrews, where I made a full batch of Puppy Chow and we ate over half of it in one sitting. The perfect end to the perfect weekend, and the perfect year 🙂




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