In which we fail at BBQing, Dieting, Hiking, and more…

Its been a year since I first started this blog, here’s a bit about where we are now!

These past few weeks have been a time of settling in for the next year. Andrew and Cris helped us move into our new flat, which is great! Full of light, wood floors, and a beautiful L-shaped couch. Our garden backs up to a park, which leads to the beach; its perfect for Jared to go surfing! He puts on his wetsuit at home, runs down to the beach with his board, and is able to walk home when he’s finished. Granted, there are only waves about once a month or so, but it works out great when there are waves!

We’ve been trying to be healthier and wiser in our life decisions, trying to eat healthier (we’re not very good at this), and work out more (Jared’s good at this…). We’ve been attempting the Whole30 diet, cutting out processed foods, dairy, grains, sugar… and pretty much everything, for 30 days. We haven’t been very good at it (puppy chow has now made an appearance twice in one week), but we’ll try again tomorrow.

We do ok on our diet when we make great food, like these sweet potato, bacon, avocado sliders!

We do ok on our diet when we make great food, like these sweet potato, bacon, avocado sliders!

Last week we had a BBQ to celebrate the turning in of the Master’s Dissertations. Jared and his friends have turned in their dissertations, and with that, the M.Litt is complete.  We now wait until October to hear his marks, which means his PhD offer is still conditional until his marks come back. I’m pretty confident he will get a perfect mark, but we still pray and wait. In the meantime, Jared is pushing on with reading and determining exactly what he would like to study for his PhD.

Our BBQ was a traditional American BBQ, including real corn on the cob, salad, berry cobbler, and loads and loads of meat. It was a traditional Scottish BBQ in that the boys stood over the BBQ with umbrellas to get it lit. We loved celebrating with the people who we have gone through this year with.

On Friday Jared wanted to go on a “walk”, and we ended up hiking down the coast on the Fife Coastal Path to Kingsbarns, a small town on the coast about 8 miles south of St Andrews. It was a surprisingly fun hike! We walked along a path, climbed over rocks, through the Scottish country side, through a forest, on the sand, and ended by taking a bus home.

At work, Ive been alternating a month of days with a month of nights, which leads to taking on more responsibilities. I’ve been asked to lead some training for all of the staff, and to take on the role of a “Dementia Expert” in our home. Its crazy and stressful at times, but overall I think it is a good place for me to be right now. I love our residents and our staff, and the experience of working amongst local people.

Life here is pretty simple, we work really hard and enjoy our relaxing times. We have good friends and a great church, and we are looking forward to a few more years here in St Andrews!


2 responses to “In which we fail at BBQing, Dieting, Hiking, and more…

  1. I love reading your blog! Good job attempting your diet. Omg I love your quote: “where we cut out processed foods, dairy…and pretty much everything”!! Haha so true.


    • Thanks Shaina!! I love watching your life via Facebook and Instagram, little Norah isn’t so little!
      Thanks for the encouragement about the diet, were 3 days back into it after falling off the wagon, and it sucks. Haha miss you!!!


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