I’ll be home for Christmas…

Another year is starting here in St Andrews. New students are arriving, new families moving in, new classes starting, the town is packed with people again. Its funny not to be the “new” people here any more, but we are trying to remember how it was to be new, to know nobody, and to feel welcomed by the people here; and we are trying to offer that same welcome to others. Last week we had about 10 people over for lunch after church, and it was quite fun to have a living room big enough to fit everyone! (sort of) It was the feast of the magical pulled pork, and somehow there was enough for everyone. I have loved the opportunities to bake and cook for everything recently, and have tried a few new things. Today I made some Dark Chocolate Earl Grey Cupcakes with German Buttercream, along with some Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes, all for a baby shower for some of our friends here, including our neighbours and friends from our first year, who are having a baby girl any day now (EEE)! The rest of today will be spent enjoying the rare sunny day, trying to tackle the last of my pile of laundry, and baking loads of cornbread for a birthday party tomorrow (for the cutest three year old twins you’ll ever meet.)

I think I missed my calling...

I think I missed my calling…

Oh and I will spend the day continuing to fight with the UK Visa and Immigration Services website. It has been the bane of my existence the last week or so. I had the whole form filled out, ready to send, and then realised I had made a mistake. Turns out you cannot go back and edit the form, you have to refill out the form. What? And then, for the past week or so, the website crashes every 5 minutes. I fill out one tiny section (which does actually usually save…so that’s a plus), and then I cannot access the website for about an hour.

My most visited webpage this week

My most visited webpage this week

Its been great fun. But… I do have even more motivation to get it done because….


Thanks to the generosity of Jared’s parents, we’re coming home for 10 days in December. We had prepared ourselves not to come home again until we were finished, so it still seems slightly surreal. We’ve been trying really hard to make our home in Scotland, but it will be so nice to spend the holidays with our families. It has all worked out perfectly, as it seemed impossible that I would get the time off work, but a lot of prayer and a little begging paid off! We bought tickets this morning, and I’m already scheming ways to see everyone I love in 10 days. We are so excited, and so thankful.


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