London in the Fall

Our travels have been limited this fall by the UK Visa and Immigration Services, as they had our passports for about 6 weeks while they were issuing new visas. However we are now proud holders of UK visas for the next 4 years, and I am thankful that we hopefully don’t have to go through that process again. We have, however, spent a few days exploring Edinburgh here and there, and this past weekend, we met Austin, Jared’s brother, in London!

We took the train down and I read the new Marilynne Robinson book, Lila, the whole way down. Jared and I love her writing, and this latest book was one of Jared’s birthday presents to me. It explores a darker side of the town Gilead, the subject of three of Robinson’s novels. I highly recommend reading all her books! Our train arrived in London at about 5, and we took off running to celebrate my 25th birthday.


We spent the evening at the London Philharmonic Orchestra, which awed us in every way. We also visited Gordon’s Wine Bar, thought to be the oldest wine bar in London, situated underground in a carved out cave. It was pretty awesome. We finished the evening wandering the streets of London, in awe of the life we are living.

We love sharing London with new people, and it was so fun to get to experience it with Austin. It was the first time Jared had seen any of his family in about a year and a half, and a nice preview for Christmas, where we get to see everyone! Austin had spent an amazing few weeks in Morocco, and exploring some of Europe, and we were glad he finished his trip with us! We had 24 hours to explore the biggest tourist sites, share some of our favourite places to eat and drink, and find new places together. We love London and we love Austin, so it was a fantastic weekend!

After Austin headed home, Jared and I spent most of Sunday and Monday just relaxing in the city, doing some of our favourite things: reading good books, drinking good coffee, eating good food, and visiting new places. We opted to walk most of Sunday rather than use the Tube, and we saw so many cool new places that we had never been. We love to simply see cities as they are, and there is no better way than just to walk and walk and walk.


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