1005668_10151742607209731_1765128807_nMy sisters are two of my favorite people in the world. Whenever something funny, weird, sad, dramatic, awkward, strange, or really in any way significant, happens, they are the first people I want to tell. We share the same strange obsessions with TV shows and Taylor Swift and really good coffee and baked goods. I love my sisters, and they are two of my very best friends. Which makes me so so happy for them right now, and so so sad to be apart from them during this past month.

999867_10151742623924731_1403961793_nA few weeks ago I woke up to frantic texts from Cari at 5 am telling me to FaceTime her. I had a good idea what was going on, and was greeted by a big diamond ring and an even bigger smile. Cari and Timmy got engaged, and we couldn’t be happier for them. They bring out the best in each other, and make each other better people than they are apart. I’m not surprised Cari found an amazing man to marry, because she is pretty amazing herself. Cari bring so much joy to so many people, and inspires me to love other people better. For example, she immediately rattled off about 20 girls that simply had to be bridesmaids… and no one was surprised.

One big happy family!

One big happy family!

Its hard being far away for wedding planning, as Cari was so helpful and important for my wedding! Growing up with Cari as my sister has been a privilege. I can remember snapshots of Cari being born, of mom for some reason riding in the backseat with us as we took this little tiny thing home from the hospital. This little thing that looked a lot like my dolls, but was my sister, my built in best friend. We grew up together, and we helped shape each other. I can’t wait to see how Cari and Timmy shape each other in their lives together.

598596_4001714842845_1400889109_nAnd then today, Alli graduated high school. Let the tears fall. While Cari and I are different in great ways, Alli and I have always been quite similar. We share a love of traveling and baking and cooking and crafting. We would both rather spend a rainy day curled up with a book and a cup of coffee than most anything else, and even better if we can be cuddled together. Yet we love deep friendships that build and grow and deepen, and I am thankful that Alli and I can have that kind of friendship, despite the distance between us. Alli was the last sister, and the baby of the family for a long time. We took care of Alli and protected Alli, although we also probably made fun of her and left her behind more time than we care to admit, as sisters do.

418315_3575841516278_1155307910_nThese last 4 years as Alli has gone through high school, I have seen her grow and mature into a woman wise far beyond her 18 years. I can talk to Alli just as easily as friends my own age, about deep things, and she astounds me. I cannot wait to see how she will be shaped in the coming years. I know she will do great things to change the world, to make people feel deeply understood and deeply loved.

I have been blessed to grow up with two sisters to love and learn with. As we grew up with learned to play together, to fight together, to make up, and play some more. We taught each other how to be a friend, how to love people, and how to forgive people. We didn’t realize it as kids, but we shaped the people we are today. There is no one else I would have rather been shaped by than my sisters.


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