A wee joorney tae th’ northern lands

I could write a very similar blog about our recent jaunt north, or I can just let you read Hayley’s account of it! We will certainly miss these dear friends.

Chasing Alethea

When we first set out to visit 12 arbitrary distillers all owned by the same mutli-national conglomerate, we knew there would be a few that would be hard to get to. But that in fact was largely the point, by setting aside these twelve distilleries as a goal we would take the effort to go places we may have overlooked. As a result we fell in love with Islay and the Speyside and dragged every visitor we had off Scotland’s winding roads whether they liked whisky or not.

With just two weeks left in Scotland, we looked at our list and were surprised by what remained. It wasn’t the islands left, but the two distilleries north of Inverness and the one closest to us just outside of Edinburgh. Two trips that would stretch us the farthest north and the farthest south we have been in Scotland.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.46.40 PMNow our time…

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